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Check out some of our recent custom software apps...

Agricultural Labor Tracking

Web-based time entry with payroll and accounting system integration
  • Time records include job, crop, and equipment
  • Time entry for crews and individuals, employees and contract labor, hourly and piece work
  • Crop managers review and approve timesheets on their mobile devices
"Thanks to Lotpath, we now have real-time visibility of our labor costs."
- Lee Henriksen, Treasurer Woolf Farming and Processing

PTI Case Labeling

Automated label application with inventory system integration
  • Traceability to the field, including comingled lots
  • Packer touchscreens and scanners for GTIN and Lot accuracy
  • Inline print-and-apply labeling for hand packed, bulk fill, and bagged products
"We have full PTI compliance and full supply chain traceability today."
- Trevor Newhouse, IT/Marketing Director

Labor Contractor Portal

Web-based agricultural labor timesheets
  • Labor contractors upload timecards
  • Labor cost calculations
  • Integration with labor accounting system
Created for Sun World

Mobile Order Picking and Truck Loading

Smart handheld app guides order pickers
  • Planned product picking order
  • Smart product substitution
  • Scan pallets into trucks
Created for Odwalla

Mobile Warehouse Management

Product tracking in 1 million square foot warehouse
  • Pallet tag printing
  • Production reporting
  • Product holds and releases
Created for Del Monte Foods

Pistachio Receiving and Processing

Traceability and transparency from field through processing
  • Scalehouse receiving and certificate generation
  • Product quality monitoring
  • Multi-stage product processing
Created for Nichols Pistachio

Mobile Pallet Tracking

Track all pallet movement through conditioning, storage, and shipping
  • Forklift mounted computers with tethered scanners
  • Intelligent order picking rules
  • Product conditioning reports
Created for Family Tree Farms

Material Purchasing, Receiving, and Consumption

Web-based purchase order entry, material receiving and consumption app
  • Workflow and approvals for purchase requisitions, revisions, and order issuance
  • Printing of inventory tracking barcode labels
  • Point-in-time visibility of inventory levels and costs
Created for Harvest Container

Crop Budgets

Web-based crop budget and costing app
  • Commodity-specific budgeting spread across crops
  • What-if budget analysis
  • Year-to-date budget to actual expenses
Created for Woolf Farming & Processing

Quality Control

Real-time product quality monitoring
  • Electronic scale integration
  • Trend and out-of-spec reporting
  • Integration with inventory holds management
Created for Del Monte Foods

Mobile Agricultural Labor Tracking

Harvest piece rate tracking
  • Employee badge printing
  • Employee pieces and timecards
  • Crew clock in and clock out
Created for Family Ranch

HACCP Program Management

Food safety tool for raw materials and finished product
  • Employee, environment, and product hazard identification
  • Critical limits and corrective actions
  • Food lab pathogen monitoring
Created for Ruiz Foods

Grower Payments

Tracking grower advances and harvest payments
  • Payment schedule management
  • Keep track of money paid and owed
  • Detailed payment reports
Created for Nichols Pistachio

Recipes and Cooking Instructions

Manage and publish product specifications
  • On-season and off-season formulations
  • Specification targets and action levels
  • Allowable ingredient substitutions
Created for Del Monte Foods

Electronic Scale Integration

Weigh production bins and print bin tags
  • Capture digital scale information
  • Integration with accounting system
  • Machine automation
Created for Olam Tomato Processors

Bin Tracking

Field traceability and real-time visibility
  • Smartphones with integrated barcode scanners and mobile ticket printers
  • Every bin move scanned and tagged with GPS coordinates
  • Electronic grower tickets with paper receipts
"We are saving tens of thousands of dollars every year by knowing the location of every bin."
- Scott Bauwens, Director of Field Operations West Pak Avocado

Truck Check-In & Check-Out

Monitoring all truck traffic in and out of facility
  • Instruct driver which loading dock to pull into
  • Record truck and driver license information
  • Food safety audit compliance
Created for Odwalla

Agricultural Land & Water Management

Web-based app with company-wide visibility of land and water activities
  • Create and track water district pump on and off orders
  • Assessor parcel number ownership and crop assignments
  • Property taxes and water district assessments
Created for Woolf Farming & Processing

Employee Vacation Tracking

Manage vacation eligibility and accruals
  • Vacation pay calculations based on years of service and wages
  • Employee vacation requests and approvals
  • Employee vacation balance reporting
Created for Del Monte Foods

Mobile Bin Tracking

Almond bin traceability and real-time location visibility
  • Handheld scanners tracking all bin movement
  • Fumigation management
  • Integration with accounting software
Created for Hughson Nut

Mobile Truck Inspections

iPad app for inspecting inbound and outbound trucks
  • Photos of trucks, pallets, and products
  • Inspection completion email notifications
  • Integration with accounting system purchase and sales order
Created for West Pak Avocado

Grower Web Portal

Website for growers to monitor pistachio load processing and product quality
  • Search and browse loads
  • Downloadable grower reports
  • Real-time processing status
Created for Nichols Pistachio
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