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Your inspection data and photos, anytime, anywhere.

Capture fresh produce inspection data and photos on the farm, at receiving, on the pack line, in the warehouse, on the shipping dock, or wherever. Lotpath Quality helps you decide when and what to harvest, pack, store, and ship.

Go ahead, measure anything.

Lotpath Quality provides a rich set of built-in data types. You create Specs for measuring the quality of your products by selecting a Spec Type, setting attributes, and giving your Spec a meaningful name.


Perfection is a road, not a destination.

Lotpath Quality helps you keep track of defects, differentiate between serious and non-serious defects, report findings, and identify areas of improvement. Inspectors count defects, Lotpath Quality automatically calculates percentages and averages.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe dollars.

With Lotpath Quality, you can capture photos at all inspection locations. Use photos to show problems to your suppliers or help close a sale by showing customers your beautiful, ready-to-ship product.


Create custom inspections plans.

Decide what to measure and where to measure. Select the data lookups, the Specs, and the Defects to include in each Inspection Plan. Create as many Inspection Plans as your organization needs.

Measure, measure, measure... and take some photos.

Arm your inspectors with Lotpath Quality and let them loose. Inspectors perform inspections and capture photos of your product anywhere in your supply chain. Inspectors can use the Lotpath Quality web app on any device with an internet connection including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Or, for the best user experience give your inspectors mobile devices with the Lotpath Inspector app - it works with virutally any iPad, iPhone or Android device!


Use data to make decisions.

Customized views and charts of your inspection data and the quality characteristics of current inventory enable informed decision making. Decide which product to harvest, pack, store, and ship. Create custom reports for your team, your suppliers, and your customers.

Sounds good so far, anything else?

Get more value out of your inventory software.

Speed up inspections, reduce errors, and view the quality of your current inventory. The Lotpath Pipeline is software that you download and install on your local network. It links to your inventory software and automatically synchronizes data lookups and current inventory with Lotpath Quality. Synchronized data lookups include commodities, varieties, brands, lots, pack styles, sizes, growers, blocks, customers, vendors, labor crews, and more. Current inventory includes bulk and packed product.

Works with Famous Software
Famous Software

Flexibility to match the complexity of your business.

Lotpath Quality lets you set up secondary accounts that allow for segmentation of your quality data by business units or trading parter arrangements. This is useful if you have private label or co-pack arrangements and need to control the visibility of your quality data and photos.

Show and tell.

Lotpath Quality lets you share inspection data and photos with suppliers, customers, trading partners, or others. Simply select the inspection data and photos you want to share, enter the email addresses of your contacts, and add a personal message. Lotpath Quality will send an email with a private link to the recipients. No login is required.


One more thing...


The future of food is here.

Tablet computers and mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices, are changing the food quality management landscape. With the Lotpath Inspector app, your inspectors perform fresh produce inspections and capture photos using the device's built in camera. Now, that's pretty cool.

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